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KingPug672's News

Posted by KingPug672 - January 22nd, 2019

@KingPug672 (Is on Newgrounds) that's a me, KP!

@TheRedEyedPeeper (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah Bro

@TylerThePanda (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah frand

@MrBlitz2017 (Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

@Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

@Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)---That's mah loyal buddy

@IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)

LemonSquidNG (He doesn't have a newgrounds)----Rest In Peace, died May 7th 2019. Suicide


@Thecheckeredcalhoun (is on newgrounds)---A very skilled artist

@Maffei-1 (Is on newgrounds)---another wonderful artist

@Raintheracoon (is on newgrounds)---My little Precious

@Redeyesthesecound (is on newgrounds)---STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. HIS NAME IS ONLY HERE AS A WARNING

@sagelighting671 (is on newgrounds)--- A proper furry

@0nef0 (is on newgrounds)---shes not a dwarf, she's an elf

@paladintiger (is on newgrounds)---A badass artist

@Kotsu-Kun (is on Newgrounds)---an amazing artist, great style

@BlueNova11 (is on newgrounds)---A wonderful artist, they do some great traditional artwork also!

@AliGonzheimer (is on newgrounds)---A kind artist with a relaxing style

If you are paying me for a commission or something of that sort. It will go to my KoFi. https://ko-fi.com/kingpug672ng

The minimum price you can pay is 3... But if you want, I can throw in an extra small one to make it a tad more worth the price.


Posted by KingPug672 - January 14th, 2019

     Hello my fellow rejects.  This is your m8,  KP.  I'm just letting you guys know that I won't have anymore artwork uploaded for a while or podcasts.  The device I used for both was destroyed in a dispute.  I had 3-5 to upload that I never got uploaded,  but Those got lost with the destruction of the System.  I'm sorry to those who LIKED my content.  I will be back sometime further into the future.


     As Awkward as always,



Posted by KingPug672 - December 12th, 2018

Theredeyedpeeper and I have started podcasts.  Our pod series is titled "Two friends in a Closet" due to us being two friends who are YES inside of a cramped storage closet,  we thought it'd be a good place and it's probably not a popular choice for those starting podcasts. Not all of these podcasts will be of Theredeyedpeeper and I,  actually most will be including special guests or other Nerd Herd GLOBAL members.   Our podcasts will consist of us discussing whatever is on our minds.   
WARNING: We will insert a pretty large amount of Dark Humor into them.


Updates to upcoming podcasts:


Episode 1 completed(episode was uploaded on the 12th of December 2018)


Episode 2 completed(to be uploaded later during the day around 5-7 pm.)




Posted by KingPug672 - December 11th, 2018

We just finished our first podcast,  it will be available to listen to in a couple days.  thank you all for your support.

also-since it is our first podcast,  it will be very cringeworthy for the first couple episodes,  any tips for doing good podcasts?  please let me know.

Posted by KingPug672 - December 10th, 2018

Dimension672 podcasts are coming soon-I will do some alone,  a few will be with other members of my roleplay community-hope each of you enjoy it-

Posted by KingPug672 - November 27th, 2018

Look,  I see most of you don't care about anything I upload- and that is FINE,  but at least pay attention to this.

TheRedEyedPeeper https://theredeyedpeeper.newgrounds.com and I are starting a podcast series together-Sorry also that this is taking more of your time to just stop and read (if you actually are) but this is a serious thing.


Our podcasts will consist of us just chatting about our funny moments in Dungeons and Dragons, TEOTW, and other RPG's we may have played recently.  Look forward to it and please check it out-it will be released on both our profiles every time we upload an episode,  check it out on mine or his,  whichever you like best-see ya later.

Posted by KingPug672 - November 12th, 2018

-KingPug672(Is on Newgrounds)

-TheRedEyedPeeper(Is on Newgrounds)

-Tyler the Panda(Is not on Newgrounds

-Mr. Blitz2017(Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

-Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

-Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)

-IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)



Also,  here is a message in which I consider very important: https://kingpug672.newgrounds.com/news/post/1038232

If you would like to join the Nerd Herd or Nerd Herd GLOBAL, then check out my TEOTW thread for further information



Posted by KingPug672 - November 7th, 2018

     Artwork.  Digital Artwork.  Okay so look, people are doing EPIC drawings without a basic struggle,  but most of us have struggles left and right.  I am here to post artwork of my OC and other things that fall under the Class C catagory of skill.  It is something i'm sure anyone could bypass in a simple sketch,  but it still makes me happy.  I was lucky enough to get scouted a month or two ago by a wonderful user named "SpedMallet"  He really made my day by scouting me,  hope you can all learn to support my art(or not... if that's your cup of radiated tea).  Have a nice day.


     -As awkward as always,


Posted by KingPug672 - October 31st, 2018

My friend and I were playing The end of the World together,  we had 6 bags of chips and I was ordered to watch them and protect them while he fought off the horde.  I chilled inside the van and had myself a cup of radiated tea,  it only affected me by +4 radiation so it wasn't too devestating.  The door in the back opened and I assumed that he was getting his stuff back,  but then I learned quickly that he never finished explaining the strategy,  the entire time I was getting my nap,  he was eatig our food supply-WTF?! this is why I don't spend time fighting aliens and zombies with him.

Posted by KingPug672 - October 23rd, 2018

Anyone have any creatures we should add in our apocalyptic tabletop roleplay(The END of The World)?

You can suggest D&D Bestiary, your own creatures,  or anything else that would fit the games setting.


The setting takes place during an Alien invasion,  A Zombie Apocalypse, A Volcanic Eruption, and the Earths rotting core.  Please suggest some-we need more unique creatures.