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-KP's Shout out list-

Posted by KingPug672 - January 22nd, 2019

@KingPug672 (Is on Newgrounds) that's a me, KP!

@TheRedEyedPeeper (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah Bro

@TylerThePanda (Is on Newgrounds)---He mah frand

@MrBlitz2017 (Is on Newgrounds, although he simply doesnt like me)

@Famedplague7756 (Is on Newgrounds)

@Fireking777 (Is on Newgrounds)---That's mah loyal buddy

@IsaiahTSE (Is on Newgrounds)

LemonSquidNG (He doesn't have a newgrounds)----Rest In Peace, died May 7th 2019. Suicide


@Thecheckeredcalhoun (is on newgrounds)---A very skilled artist

@Maffei-1 (Is on newgrounds)---another wonderful artist

@Raintheracoon (is on newgrounds)---My little Precious

@Redeyesthesecound (is on newgrounds)---STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN. HIS NAME IS ONLY HERE AS A WARNING

@sagelighting671 (is on newgrounds)--- A proper furry

@0nef0 (is on newgrounds)---shes not a dwarf, she's an elf

@paladintiger (is on newgrounds)---A badass artist

@Kotsu-Kun (is on Newgrounds)---an amazing artist, great style

@BlueNova11 (is on newgrounds)---A wonderful artist, they do some great traditional artwork also!

@AliGonzheimer (is on newgrounds)---A kind artist with a relaxing style

If you are paying me for a commission or something of that sort. It will go to my KoFi. https://ko-fi.com/kingpug672ng

The minimum price you can pay is 3... But if you want, I can throw in an extra small one to make it a tad more worth the price.



Consequences will never be the same.

One high quality april


m o i s t

I wish you would keep my name out your mouth so I dont have the urge to wanna keep sending curses your way your think of ways to torture you in the after life ..

The afterlife? Didn't know that existed.

@redeyesthesecound Yeah, I noticed I haven't been getting notified for everything either.

Why do you think you have the right to beg for money on Ko-fi? I hate beggars so much just cause you see homeless panhandling does not mean you have the right to !

Yeah, pretty much. I understand I'm a piece of shit, but so are you after how much you've talked shit to me the past couple of months, so GET OVER IT

DAMN how many fake accounts you got?!?!!? every other newgrounds profile you advertise is obv. you damn dude not every one is as slow as you but your making it pretty obvious I hope these other accounts dont post on the forums too or that would be breaking TOS actually ..

Man... These aren't fake. Don't know where you are coming from. "Satan"

redeyedpepper is a user made after they found out about me they steal my trade mark red eyes then they make this kind of post saying to avoid me just goes to show what type of people these are nasty ones HA I am actually glad you keep your furries away from me i have no problem with furries just you toxic freaks :)

Yeah don't trust anyone on this list thanks for showing us all the people you work with to hardcore troll people. They will invite you to other apps to get you away from this one to they don't care about this site they just care about spreading hate. I call them Satana's children. Which is an actual hacker group from FB I don know did me and others I heard from that were treated abusively by this group of people? It starts off they invite you to Gmail and ask you to join a Roleplay group then you find out its not just a roleplay group but someone in that group was using the roleplay to write up a story. They even use each other in the group. Then they pretend they stopped using Gmail and ask you to switch offer to discord with them where "they will continue" truth is they been there the whole time... and it is just a 6-12 step thing they planned it out it's crazy how hard they try to troll someone by breaking their trust. The fact they went so far I could not be fully angry at them even now when they continue to attack me using alt account's on my YT account and here. They have nothing better to do but to try to harass the ones they "brought in" I think the one who created this list actually done to warn us. I am willing to bet the old account these without trying to get on the bad side of these other people on the list when looking at it the one person you can talk to and trust on the list it says you can't trust them and stay away from me...? That's cause they don't want any new people they try to bring in to troll will take no chance to message me to find out the truth about them. Yes I understand they are just teens but you should understand this is around the time when trolls are the worst at there age. This means right now they have no remorse for whom they hurt they have no feelings for the hell they try to stir up! They are immature still... This makes them the worst types of trolls and at the same time cleverest they spend hours thinking about these things what they can do to harassed people and blackmail them as much even! Luckily I got out and away from there group before they tried to get me to join in there stupid cyber sexting I was thinking I was joining a roleplay group like on FB but the longer you stay there the more wicked you will see the evil underaged sex roleplay rape roleplay and much more to even gore or beatings of women. They tricked me good I would have never followed them to discord knowing that's the kind of stuff they roleplayed I thought they were trying to make a book with there roleplay and on the website where you can find it written down none of the rape, gore, or beating ar in it yet they do it a lot... When I asked why it was not in the book they replied "Oh were taking a break from writing the book." Well, then I really looked into it and realized that post "their book" was not touched for over 4 years as if they wrote half a story and never finished it. Why? Well, that's cause it was a cover-up like I said they are clever yet worst at the same time true wickedness good luck if you decide on being any of these people's friends even online if you are then don't EVER give them your test always think they are recording always think that eventually they will get caught up and what they done already roleplay or not it's illegal.