Open for Requests!

2018-01-17 18:21:36 by KingPug672

I'm open for Requests at the moment!!!!! Okay, the thing is, if you request for a Drawing, I'll only draw your original character and I'm going to need to see a picture of this original character you want me to draw.  Also, you should know by now, that I'm a terrible artist, so it may not turn out that well, that is exactly why I'm not making you py money for art... I also will allow you to upload it Under your profile, but if you do, give me the art credit!

P.s. I'm starting a new Drawing style for a bit(it's not affecting your requests) I'm going to draw them with red/blue outlines and no color filling


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2018-01-17 19:17:44

Awww... pugs, and, judging by your name, that means there are at least another 671 more of them somewhere! An ocean of wigglin', waddlin', flat-nosedalin' snugglebutts ready to drown anyone and everyone in love and kisses. What a wonderful thought that is!

If you're taking requests, then I request more pugs. Dogs that are not pugs are acceptable, as well, because there is no such thing as a bad dog. They're all good boys... even the girls. Actually, you can include Persians, since they are basically the cat-equivalent of pugs.

Here, you can even enjoy a terrible drawing of my own:
(Original doggos - do not steal!

KingPug672 responds:

Amazing art actually! I will try to get more into dog Drawings! The issue is my cartoon style does not work well with the flat nosed theme of the pugs, but I'll try some more! Thanks for the nice comment, I'll be sure to keep up to date with your art as well as making some cute lil' doggos.